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Hi Peter,

Would it be possible to get your take on a few FTSE stocks e.g. RSDB, VOD and LLOY ?


2 Answers

All of these stocks have lower to go, I’m guessing that you hold these stocks. If they were mine I would be at least hedge these stocks with an edge to the downside.

RDSB: When the market reaches around 800, that will only be the low of Wave (3) there is still Wave (4) rally then down again towards 500.

VOD: In the bigger picture the low in 2002 at 80.00 we have seen a corrective rally to 260, that move is corrective, so in due course we should a new low below 80. Of course, we are seeing a bounce off 100 but this support will eventually fail.

LLOY: The move up from the Jan 2009 low is a corrective rally, so new low will be made, so expect to see a move towards 10, the 20 will off support for a while.


@admin Thanks Peter. Interesting comment on RDSB. Both Exxon and RDSB seem to be following similar paths yet your counts are different. Would you be kind enough to post a chart detailing the count you see. Much appreciated.