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How to get out of Gold hedge with out adding equity?


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To control my equity and not to add more funds I opted to hedge gold positions. Now would like to get out of CFD Gold hedge (total 6 lots). Any help or taking over my all position at discount will be great help.

CFD Trade Details:-

Gold Buy positions:Open Rate - 1890, 1897.70, 1898.08

Gold Sell positions: Open Rate - 1860, 1839.39, 1831.38


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One of the problems locking up positions is the over night financing rate. the good news your spreads are quite close. I'm expecting Gold to rally off the 1800 to 1865 - 1900 I will be able to pin down the target better, later in the week. But you could reduce short positions now and be net long. and around the 1880 become net short. Keep an eye on the gold video that comes out Monday Wed and Friday for the next month, then just Wed for the free as the videos will be kept on